Mascotte Heureux Kayaks La Vanne

Kayaks la Vanne was launched in 1989. As a small family-run business, we are deeply committed to certain principles that make us proud of the job we do.


We care deeply about the natural beauty of our Semois valley. So it is only that natural that we should be delighted to welcome you and invite you to explore this splendid setting. Feel free to ask any questions about what sites to visit, rest areas and even the surrounding countryside. As we are from the valley and know it like the back of our hands, we can tell you all about the must-see places.


A day spent kayaking is quite a special day that you choose in order to have fun or relax. You expect nothing less than an ideal day. We know just how important it is for the kayak and the equipment rented out to be in excellent condition, for the staff to be readily available and for you to be able to count on all the small services to brighten your day. Our approach is based on the belief that no detail is too small to overlook. We do our utmost to guarantee you complete satisfaction.

Competitive rates

What ever the distance of your trips, 7, 12 or 20 km, we are committed to offering value for money. Rather than being optional services, the watertight buckets, life jackets, transport and parking facilities are all included in the very first price quoted. The transparency of our rates underpins our relationship of trust. We guarantee a cost-effective, carefree and surprise-free trip down the Semois river.


The Semois river is one of the most beautiful and peaceful waterways in the whole of Belgium. Winding its way through enchanting forests, the river can rely on more than the tales and legends to enhance its charm. The fauna and flora lining the waterway represent its prime asset. We have always been acutely aware of the importance of ensuring the upkeep of the river banks, of waste management and of the nature conservation information provided. Under this heading, we are one of the few kayak renters to qualify for the single permit granted by the Belgium authorities in recognition of the efforts made by operators to develop a high-quality service while complying with the various environmental and urban standards.