hELPFUL AND PRACTICAL advice FOR kayaking down the SEMOIS river

  • Reservation

    We urge you to reserve your kayaks to make it easier for us to plan your reception and ensure there are enough kayaks available to meet your needs.

  • Protection

    Remember to bring some sun cream, hats or caps for young children and sunglasses for sunny days.

  • Our whereabouts

    We strongly advise you to enter our address in your GPS or  download our map so as to be able to find us  more easily and avoid getting lost.

  • Nature

    Do not leave any waste in your kayak or in or along the river, think about the natural environment and the people who come after you. Rubbish bins are available at your starting point and you can keep your waste in the watertight bucket you are provided with for your kayak trip.

  • Footwear

    It is best not to walk barefoot in the river, as some of the stones are really sharp. We advise you to take along an old pair of trainers or light sandals for going in the water.

  • Clothing

    Kayaking is a water sport so you are bound to get a bit wet paddling or having fun splashing each other. Be smart and remember to bring along some extra clothes for after the trip.

  • Return

    If you choose one of the following routes : Vresse, Membre, Bohan. Think about at least taking a mobile phone with you to let us know as soon as you arrive. You will be provided with watertight buckets free of charge for carrying these kinds of items.

  • Bad Weather

    Take along some warm and waterproof clothes in case the weather is bad . What ever you do be sure to bring a set of spare clothes. If you wish to cancel your trip, please let us know as soon as possible by telephone or e-mail.